Tokyo 2020 medal project

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will launch its new Tokyo 2020 medal project in April this year. The project entails precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze being salvaged from discarded mobile phones and other small electronic devices, and recycled for the production of medals to be awarded to athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Games. The project also highlights Tokyo 2020's commitment to actively engage the general public and offer everyone the opportunity to play a role in the preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

The aim of the project is not merely limited to producing medals to be awarded at the Tokyo 2020 Games, but also includes leaving the post-Games legacy of realising a sustainable society.

In addition, the project comprises a 'golden harmony' of three different perspectives: engagement, environment and technology. The project seeks to actively engage people across the length and breadth of Japan in the production of Games' medals; produce the medals from metals salvaged from discarded mobile phones and other electronic devices to further enhance the environmental sustainability of the Games; and showcase the leading technologies Japan possesses to produce the medals 100 per cent from recycled metals.

To promote the project, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee is working closely with NTT DOCOMO, the Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of the Environment.

FAQ about the Tokyo 2020 medal project

Q:Where will the collection points be located for discarded mobile phones and other small electronic devices?

A:Plans are underway to install collection boxes in over 2,400 NTT DOCOMO stores and in several public offices throughout Japan. Updated information will be posted on this website once further details have been finalised.

Q:What kind of small electronic devices will be collected?

A:In addition to mobile phones, we plan to collect laptop computers, digital cameras and other electronic devices. Collection points will differ according to the type of device.

Q:When will the collection begin?

A:The collection is scheduled to begin in April this year.

Q:How many gold, silver and bronze medals will be produced with the metals salvaged from the collected electronic devices?

A:We plan to produce a total of 5,000 gold, silver and bronze Olympic and Paralympic medals.

Q:Were any similar initiatives undertaken at previous editions of the Games?

A:There are previous examples of some Games' medals being partly produced from recycled metals. However, our project to collect small electronic devices and salvage the metals contained in these devices to produce medals for the Games is most definitely a first.